About Us

About Us | Xcel Fitness

Xcel Fitness is a brand new franchise, independently owned, and is focused on meeting individual fitness needs. Our mission statement is maximizing success through sculpting bodies lean. We are a certified staff that firmly believes improving ones’ lifestyle requires sequential training, both mental and physical, in a fun atmosphere. We are located at 16511 Leffingwell Rd., Whittier, CA 90603.

Xcel Fitness takes pride in providing an atmosphere conducive for success. We apply crossfit training, core blasting, cardio boxing, and multiple methods to achieve our goals. Thus, we take the time to set each individual program based on each individual client’s needs. We cater to all ages from 8 to 90 years old incorporating methods that are age appropriate. It is our goal to help each client to reach their goals yet having fun at the same time.

Our trainers’ philosophy:

“If you stay consistent and believe in yourself by taking full action towards your goals and never giving up even when you reach temporary defeat, you will accomplish your goals and dreams.” -Pedro Arjona, C.P.T

“Ensuring exercise is done by using proper form to reduce and eliminate possible joint pain.” -Annette Padilla, C.P.T

”Motivation is what gets you started; Habit is what keeps you going.” -Dustin Schifano, C.P.T

“Maximizing success through sculpting bodies lean.” -Darin Borst, C.P.T